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Major Partnerships

UTR – Universal Tennis Rating System – The Backbone of the CTCA

The CTCA and UTR are helping high schools with their two biggest needs, less expensive, time consuming ways to play year round matches and better team fund raising to pay for equipment, fees and coaches stipends. This marriage also gives our players exposure to college coaches and provides coaches with metrics for tryouts and line – ups. The backbone of CTCA endeavors is UTR.

Playing USTA tournaments takes 2 weekends, getting, at most, 2 matches, if that, plus USTA fees, travel, meals and $70+ entry fees makes year round match play, an important necessity, out of reach for most.

Plus parents and players have to pay and/or raise money for the coach’s stipends, equipment, entry fees, snacks, etc. Selling programs or running concessions at football games, selling candy at Halloween and wrapping paper at Christmas is not productive.

Together, we offer UTR Play Days, on school courts, run by the team, where players can play three matches in two hours, with a $30 entry fee collected on-line. All the team has to do is secure the courts, furnish balls and staff the event.

For a year we have run these events at Laguna Hills High School as a trial. We have held over 30 events and currently running one every Saturday. By adding doubles we tripled the income schools can make.

Our Saturday Play Days have UTR’s from 1 to 11, where the players get 3 one-set matches in a set 2 hour time slot in the mornings. Doubles can be added with either “set partners” or “rotating partners”, again playing 3 one-set matches. What we do is place the top 4 by UTR# in Flight A, the next 4 in Flight B, etc. with everyone in each flight playing each other. So matches are competitive. The same with doubles.

Depending on the number of courts available, teams can host only singles, only doubles or both. Also, play can be in the morning, afternoon or both (singles in morning, doubles in afternoon) and can also be on any day – like Sunday, holidays or during the week (summer). Also, each school can charge more or less, basically whatever they want. The formula is 10% to UTR, 45% to CTCA and 45% to the school team.

There is another advantage for high school tennis with UTR, being able to have weekly state wide rankings! The strong schools already have their starters in UTR and UTR Play Days and year round tournaments will get even more HS players “in the system”.

Starting in 2020 Fall Girls Season we will do what Texas High Schools and College Tennis are doing, weekly state rankings based on UTR numbers. The CTCA is excited about offering a state wide Top 25 Team Ranking and Top 100 rankings in singles and doubles each week.

We are just getting started and with UTR we are accomplish 85% of our goals. Besides easier match play, team fundraising and weekly rankings, we will make it “a must” for elite players to play high school tennis, help college coaches connect to kids good enough for college tennis and fund CTCA so we can offer continuing education, host conventions and have a robust social media presence.

The CTCA, partnering with UTR, wants to hear from our high schools that want to host their own Play Days as a fundraiser and match play for their players. We make it easy, using our platform on UTR, we will do the draws, paperwork, fee collection and posting of scores to UTR and all the team has to do is get the courts, cover the balls and run the event. The school gets 45% or $13.50 an entrant. A full field would net the school $600 to $1,000 for the day. School’s can host as many of these events as they want, starting January 1, 2020.


WTT – World Team Tennis Founded by Billie Jean King

On our agenda is to offer a 16 field World Team Tennis (WTT) Winter coed high school team event in Orange County for high school players with teams from the same high school. We also have a dream of making WTT coed team tennis a CIF sport during the winter season of sport in California.  These events will, of course, have UTR points.


SCTA – Southern California Tennis Association – Sanctioning CTCA Championships

Sanctioning our major tournaments, helping the CTCA navigate the junior tennis tournament calendar and working with us in promoting tennis not only for high school but for life.

City of Mission Viejo

Mission Viejo has a rich history of holding and sponsoring national and international sporting events such as aquatics, soccer and tennis, in their first class facilities. They have hosted professional tennis tournaments, celebrity tennis events, international wheelchair tennis championships and the prestigious annual Marguerite California Girls High School Tournament, the girl’s version of the Boys High School Ojai Championships.

With Dave Borelli, Community Service Supervisor for the City of Mission Viejo, which includes all the tennis facilities in the city (The Marguerite Tennis Pavilion and Felipe Tennis Center), we have a City that is supportive of tennis as much, if not more, than the City of Ojai. Coach Borelli has also won seven NCAA Collegiate Team Championships at USC as a Head Coach as well as Coaching at TCU, so he knows tennis.