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Our Coaches spend 50% of their time fundraising for their stipend, equipment, entry fees, awards, uniforms, etc. Selling candy at Halloween, wrapping paper at Christmas, car washes, working concession stands at football games, etc. The CTCA allows teams to host Saturday UTR Play Days, on their courts, with $30 player entry fees, opposed to having players buy a USTA membership, travel to 3 day or 2 weekend events with $70+ fees and travel/hotel costs. CTCA events have easy on – line entry, let players stay close to home, and 45% of the entry fees go to the team. The system is up and running.

This is working well in Texas and our feedback has been tremendous. A “game changer” for schools with large minority and low income students. Athletes get match experience at half the price while putting money in their team budget. Teams earn $300 to $600 a weekend. Some school districts plan on hosting a CTCA every Saturday at a different high school in their district.      

Year Round Saturday UTR  on campus “Fundrasier” Play Days

  • Any age, gender, ability. Improve Universal Tennis Rating. Play 3 sets – 9 to 11 AM. Play 1 to get a rating.
  • $30.00 for 3 oneset singles matches against different players
  • Players put in 4 Groups of 4 by UTR #
  • Everyone plays 9 to 11 AM Sat
  • Register on – line by 5 PM Friday before; can see who is entered! for info, to enter/pay

Host as many Saturday Play Days as you want. The exact date would be the preference of the Tournament Director of each event. The format is a series of 4 to 8 four person compass draws with every entrant playing 3 one – set matches. The top 4 UTR entrants placed in the A Draw. The next 4 placed in the B Draw, etc….

The CTCA & UTR will advertise (on UTR & CTCA web sites), collect fees on line, make the draws and post scores. Check sent to school (Coach, Booster Club) within three days of event.

Breakdown: $30 entry fee, UTR takes 10% or $3, leaving $27 which is divided between the CTCA and the host school – $13.50 per entrant. Doubles: $20 per player for 3 one-set matches.

Registration on line with proceeds going to the hosting high school budget, booster club or coaching staff. All the high school team/coach has to do is secure his or her courts (rest room facilities), furnish the balls and run the event. No trophies, just UTR play and points! 

Pick the day, time, singles, doubles or both, and price (Remember: 10% to UTR, the difference split between the coach and CTCA). You can even allow you team players to play for a reduced price or even free!

With UTR, players of any age, gender, level can compete together as the UTR rating system will put the entrants in the proper group. Also, if you have a doubles event, you can designate set doubles partners or you could have groups of four with everyone in each group playing a set with each partner.

Anyone in the world can go on-line and find a UTR event plus we send emails to all that have entered any CTCA/UTR event. At Laguna Hills HS, we have had players from San Diego, Mexico, New Mexico, and Chicago as well as all Orange County! Males play females, 10 year olds play 50 year olds, it’s fun, it’s easy, it’s competitive and their system gives great “metrics”.

You, of course, can join UTR as a club/school, pay the yearly fee, learn the system and do your own. Or use the CTCA/UTR Site and there is no hassle or up-front money.

A six court facility can handle 12 entries per 2 hour time slot. An eight court facility 16 entries per 2 hour time slot. Facilities with more courts can host more players.

The CTCA tested these Sat UTR Play Days at Laguna Hills HS with 6 Spring events, 8 summer events, 8 Fall events and 8 Winter events. We will also offer 8 Spring events. We have many high schools sending their players and we have had several HS coaches come by and see our events and have even had some coaches play an event. The parents love the set time period of 2 hours and the format, the players get match play against other players on their home courts and the team makes money for their budget.

Go to for more information about UTR and/or to see the CTCA page and list of CTCA Sat Play Days. Let us know and we will send you a form. We can set you up on the UTR/CTCA Page in one day!   


Never sell a fundraising product again! –

CTCA has tested Snap-Raise, a national fundraising company, at Laguna Hills High School. It is an easy way to raise money for your team, program, booster club. Basically, each player on your team has to furnish 20 emails of family (grandparents, cousins), friends, etc. So a team of 15 would produce 300 emails. Then Snap-Raise comes to the campus and videos a 60 second announcement with the team in view and different players having short speaking lines. “We are the Laguna Hills Hawk Girls Tennis Team”, “We are raising money for a new ball machine”, “please help us out”, “Go Hawks!”. Some teams get creative with music, dancing and rapping!

They send out the video to the 300 emails and collect the money on-line. They take a hefty cut but that is all your team has to do. So the more players the more emails, the more income.

LHHS tennis teams have raised over $3,000 in each of our last 4 seasons ($6,000 a year). Check it out: