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The California High School Tennis Coaches Association is working closely with the Texas and Florida High School Coaches Associations. Together we are the three largest, most powerful tennis states in the nation with each of us having the most high school players of any other state. This allows us, as a group, to have stronger lobbying power with local and national tennis organizations, equipment, apparel, and construction companies, related tennis support companies, and interscholastic athletic organizations.  

In 2014 officials from three Associations met in Texas for three days of meetings with national tennis officials and major tennis vendors during the 33rd Annual Texas Tennis Coaches Convention. The organizations are supported by strong allies and established tennis groups, both non – profit and for – profit.

Tennis organizations and companies realize that high school tennis is a major untapped resource for increasing tennis activity and revenue. With the three most powerful tennis states working together, we triple our ability to promote and expand high school tennis in our states. All three state groups are in contact with each other working to get major support and funding from tennis associations and major tennis manufacturers for HS Tennis.


The CTCA has no dues. It is a “Not-for-Profit Educational Corporation”. It sustains itself with equipment sponsorship income, CTCA Tournament and League Fees, grants from tennis associations, tuition for its (starting in 2021) January CTCA On Court and In Classroom Continuing Education Conventions including Vendor Booth Fees.