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HS “Tennis on Campus” Winter Season of Sport Coed WTT Tennis Competition

Coed HS teams playing the WTT/College Tennis on Campus format, to be played during the Winter season of sport, ten weeks, November 15 to February 15.

Teams play in one of four sections of the state, winners qualify for the “Final Four” at end of the season. A “Club Sport” with a teacher, coach, or parent as sponsor. 

Winter Season WTT Coed HS Team Tennis is already going on in San Diego.

18 sets played on 6 courts. 1st Rd – 4 GS & 2 BD, 2nd Rd – 4 BS & 2 GD, 3rd Rd – 6 MXD. No ad scoring, 9 point tiebreaker at 5 – 5, total games determine winner. If tied after 3 rounds, the #1 MXD teams play a 9 point sudden death tiebreaker for the win. Minimum 6 boys/6 girls, maximum playing time 2 hours. Played after school/weekends.

High schools that have active tennis teams already have Off Season Training and/or PE Tennis periods. They could easily transition into this competition. For example, HS baseball teams play “Winter Ball”, HS volleyball teams (like tennis – girls in fall, boys in spring) play “Outdoor Beach Sand Volleyball” during the Winter season of sport.

More than likely CIF will not sanction this event. But it can still be held and run with the SCTA, WTT & CTCA and played Fri to Sun, more like a “club sport”. We just mandate that the players have to be from the same high school and on their respective HS teams. Sports such as volleyball, baseball, etc. Are playing “winter ball”. Teams made up of HS players from the same school play games and call themselves by their mascot name but do not use their high school name. Like sage hill teams play as “the lightning” but not as “the sage hill lightning”. So this can be done. I know we would have the full backing of WTT (and Billie Jean King) and if we do this it would be great for SCTA tennis, high school tennis and eventually CIF will want to sanction it.

tennis team
tennis team

Hold First Annual CTCA Convention on MLK weekend, January, 2021

CTCA Annual January Tentative Convention Schedule

CTCA Coaches Continuing Education Training and Certification by College Coaches and Pros 

Friday evening through Sunday noon

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With an average stipend of $1,200 per season, 90% of California Coaches have little or no tennis coaching skills. Tennis corporations have college coaches and pro players on retainer to attend conventions to run on court and classroom training. Texas and Florida HS Coaches hold yearly training conventions with attendance by almost all coaches in their states as schools pay these “continuing education” fees. Wilson, Head, Prince, Dunlop, Nike and many other tennis companies attend these Training & Educational Conventions. The cost paid mostly by sponsors and some by tuition.

Schools in wealthy areas get experienced coaches and have athletes with years of training at private country clubs. Our training will help the 90% of schools not in gated communities.

The fee (that should be covered by your high school) to the Convention includes On Court and Off Court Continuing Education Classes, a Vendor Court with over 30 tennis manufactures in attendance for “one stop” shopping for uniforms, courts equipment, tennis camps, teaching aids, etc. and an Awards Dinner with recognition for Outstanding Coaches and Teams.

HS players/family can attend on Saturday only for vendor booths, all on court seminars and some indoor presentations.

High School Coaches as well as their players can participate or observe the on – court seminars and instruction, They also can attend classroom lectures and round – table discussions with these internationally renowned coaches and teaching professionals.

Convention fees include Friday Cocktail Party, Saturday lunch and Saturday evening dinner with an international known guest speaker, awards and recognition, and introduction of 2020 Hall of Fame Inductees.


  • Trade Show Opens, 4:00 pm   
  • Evening Cocktail Party, 7:30 to 8:30 pm


  • Trade Show Open, 8:30 am to 5:00 pm (open to HS players and families)
  • Indoor Lectures and Round Table Discussions, 9:30 am to Noon
  • CTCA meeting with lunch served Noon to 1 pm
  • On court presentations, 1 to 5 pm on several Tennis Courts.
  • Indoor Lectures, 1 to 5 pm
  • Awards Dinner, 7:30 to 9:00 pm


  • Round Table Discussions, 8:30 to 11:30 am 
  • On court presentations, 8:30 to 11:30 am
  • Convention Ends, 12 Noon

Special Indoor Lecture Presentations cover topics included but not limited to:

  • Fair and Transparent Try – Outs for Varsity, JV, and Frosh/Soph Placement
  • How Leagues are Realigned, Play – Off Draws Made, and CIF Rules to Know
  • Off – Season “Tennis on Campus” for High Schools
  • Understanding Universal Tennis Rating and How Important it is for Your Team
  • Strings and String Tensions, what is Best for Every Player Type
  • Competitive, Fun, and Creative Draws and Formats for Any Situation
  • Tiebreaker Solutions to Counting of Games to Break a Nine – Nine Tie in Sets
round table discussion
audience members

Round Table Discussions in Board Room Settings on topics included but not limited to:

  • Veteran Coaches Discussing Issues Novice Coaches Will Have to Face
  • Face to Face with CIF Tennis Advisory Board Members
  • Nightmares with Parents, Teaching Pros, and Academy’s – How to Stay Sane
  • Discussing the New CIF Floating Division Placement for Play – Offs Allowing Teams to Play in a Different Division Each Season based on Schedule, Results, and Team Talent
  • Fund Raising, the Hardest Part of Coaching a Non – Revenue Producing Sport

Wilson Tennis is the Official Sponsor of the Yearly Convention which include Continuing Education on and off the court and an Awards Dinner. 

tennis teams

4. Develop CIF State Wide Pre-Season (1st Week of Season) Individual Tournaments


A 16 team individual tournament with each school entering 4 singles and 4 doubles teams. A CIF, USTA, CTCA & City of Mission Viejo event. Thursday to Saturday after 2 PM each day the week before or the weekend after Presidents Day; depending on a date that best fits into the USTA and CIF schedules.

Played at the MISSION VIEJO MARGUERITE PAVILION TENNIS CENTER and surrounding courts in area.

Two 64 draws, A & B draws in both S & D with players/doubles teams placed and seeded by UTR Rating. Top 64 in A Draw, Bottom 64 in B Draw.

Matches 2 sets, deuce plus 1, 10 point match tie-breaker for third set. Two matches a day. No consolation, Awards for first & second in each draw. As an individual tournament, does not count as a CIF contest (24 max) by CIF rules. Open to any high school from any CIF section, players must be registered in school and on team. Must play singles or doubles.

Look into having a CIF Boy’s Team Tournament during the Indian Wells Pro Event

During the second week of the prestigious Indian Wells Professional Tennis Tournament (considered the 5th Major) hold a boy’s team invitational two -day (Friday/Saturday) compass dual match event, using a format of 5 singles & 4 doubles (with players allowed to play both singles and doubles). This would be a USTA-SCTA, CIF, CTCA and Indian Wells Sanctioned Event. Sixteen compass draw (every team plays 4 dual matches) with teams from all 10 CIF Sections of California.

Each of the 10 CIF Sections would get 1 entry and determine their best team. The remaining 6 slots would go to the best 6 teams (by UTR team ranking) not already getting an automatic CIF Section entry. If any Sections do not field a team then that spot goes to the group UTR ranked teams.

Indian Wells, besides having the best male and female professionals, also hosts NCAA Division One Men’s and Women’s Dual Match Events. This would be a natural and would be a great event, with great crowds and publicity for CIF, our high schools and our players. 

Establish California CTCA UTR High School Summer Circuit with a Major Sponsor

The “CTCA UTR High School Summer Circuit” will be tournaments held on the four weekends in July in four different cities per week, one in each of four regions. The Summer events run Saturday and Sunday with semi-finals and finals Monday morning. High School BS, GS, BD, & GD.

Play in four high school divisions – BS, GS, BD, GD. One price covers singles and doubles with first match consolation. Doubles sign up by 1 PM on the first day, draw made by 2 PM, doubles play begins at 3 PM.

HS players can play one, two, three, or four events, in any city. Points given per round. The top 16 point getters (who have played at least one of the 16 CTCF Summer Circuit Tournaments) would be invited to the California State CTCA Finals in August.  

We are looking for Booster Clubs, High School Coaches, or USPTA Professionals to host these tournaments. The CTCA/UTR would advertise, promote, and handle collection of entry fees, and give 75% of the entry fees to the tournament host, be it a fundraiser for the team or income to the coach or professional.

Tournament Directors would want to host these events as trophies would be provided by the CTCA and sponsors, sign – ups would be on – line, with only a small deduction from the entry fee.

Basically, 75% of the entry fee would return to the Tournament Director. TD’s would be responsible for court rental fees, tennis balls, tournament staff, and submitting results to the CTCA/UTR immediately after the tournament.

Example: Entry fee of $60 for singles and doubles and first match consolation, $15 to CTCA for trophies and on – line processing fee, check to TD of $45 a player within three days of event ending. Cost of balls and any court fees or tournament staff salaries are the responsibility of Tournament Director. With 50 entrants the tournament grosses $2,250; 75 entrants grosses $3,375; 100 entrants $4,500. The only real expense is balls if playing on high school courts where courts did not have to be rented.

Travel expenses of the qualifiers could be paid by a major sponsor – working on it. Great publicity, lots of college coaches, great for HS tennis.

Having a high school Summer Circuit would help HS tennis, allow HS players to get more easily recognized by college coaches, and increase year round play for HS players. The format of these HS tournaments should be more fun and worthwhile than regular USTA sanctioned junior events.